Keepsake Partner


Visit our secure site to BECOME A KEEPSAKE PARTNER

Our student’s number one goal when coming to Margaret Hudson Program is to create a healthy successful future for their family.  Through our program, students receive the services they need to have a healthy child, learn how to become a nurturing parent, and graduate from high school. But they often do not have the ability to purchase those wonderful senior class mementos or participate in all the activities.  We are seeking partners for each of our graduating seniors and have designed a complete graduation package that will enable each graduate to fully participate in all senior class activities. By becoming a Keepsake Partner for $300.00, you will provide a senior with:

  • Graduation cap, gown, and tassel
  • Graduation keepsake mementos such as: class necklace, class t-shirt, graduation stationary, senior individual portraits and senior class group picture
  • Student prom, receive prom portrait and favor
  • Student Leadership Conference
  • Senior field triphttps
  • Senior class reception with sponsors

We hope you will become a part of our senior’s celebration by becoming a Keepsake Partner!

If you would like to become a keepsake partner without paying an online convenience fee, please mail a check in the amount of your donation to PO Box 580637, Tulsa, OK 74158.