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Margaret Hudson Program Alumnae Association (MHPAA)

In 2015, the organizational meeting of the Margaret Hudson Program Alumnae Association (MHPAA) was held at MHP’s Tulsa school site to establish and grow the MHP Alumnae Association with a simple ongoing goal to connect and reconnect former MHP students and their babies. The members of the MHPAA also plan to give back to MHP by serving as volunteers to help current and future MHP students. In anticipation of MHP’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration, the new Alumnae Association is making plans for the grandest of reunions.

We love hearing from our former students! Please drop us a line and tell us where you are and what you are doing! You are the very reason we exist and we would love to know what is new in your world. If you would like to contact the coordinator for the MHPAA, also an alumnae, please contact her at: Or for more information contact the Margaret Hudson Program at:


To share your information with us please fill out the form tell us what areas you are interested. Download the pdf of the Alumni Registration and Alumni Committees if you would like to print these forms and mail to Margaret Hudson Program, 1136 S. Allegheny Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74112.