Allison Keim – Teatime Toast to Moms Featured Artist

Allison Keim paints from the influences of her experiences and from the ever-changing landscape and weather of her home state of Oklahoma. Working in an abstracted, gestural style, her work is both ethereal and organic with an intentional focus on composition. Sometimes marked with harsh lines and sometimes resembling abstracted florals, her work is both loud and quiet, stark and soft.

In addition to making original abstract paintings, Allison also works with clients to create custom work. As an artist in residence at The Hive, located on Main Street in Jenks, she has access to gallery space and the opportunity to engage the community with art-based curriculum. This new project of the Jenks Chamber of Commerce is making art accessible to the community in a new and exciting way, encouraging creativity and manifesting dreams.

Allison explains, “Creation is the most natural part of human existence,” meaning, we are all here to create and to share. Allison’s two most incredible creations are her children and they are the reason she paints. She truly believes that making art is not for the purpose of earning a paycheck, but is a necessity for cultural evolution.

Contact information online portfolio: Allison Keim, 918.859.6288,