About Us


Our Vision:

Empowering Teen Families for Lifelong Success

Our Mission:

The Margaret Hudson Program provides comprehensive academic and family support services to help teen mothers succeed in life and parent healthy families.

The Margaret Hudson Program helps pregnant and parenting teens:

  • Complete their high school education
  • Achieve a healthy pregnancy
  • Raise healthy infants
  • Learn parenting skills
  • Understand child development concepts
  • Gain life skills for success
  • Prepare for post-secondary education or future employment

MHP’s comprehensive services are provided in five core areas:

MHP offers a comprehensive alternative education program for pregnant and parenting teens through integrated academic classes, health and counseling services, vocational training and on-site childcare. Our staff teach parenting and life skills and provide quality early childhood education. Family planning education and access to birth control contraception is provided to reduce the incidence of subsequent teen pregnancies.

Who We Serve

In a typical year, MHP serves approximately 160 teen girls and 70 infants and young children. Since our founding in 1968 in Tulsa, the Margaret Hudson Program has met the needs for over 10,000 girls, ages 11 to 19, and their young children from 2 weeks to 2 years old.

There is no charge for teens to attend school at the Margaret Hudson Program. MHP’s comprehensive programs are offered on two academic campuses, in partnership with Broken Arrow Public Schools.